The Rural Mental Health Matters Team

Melanie Costas
Founder and CEO of RMHM Rural Mental Health Matters

Melanie set up RMHM Rural Mental Health Matters (formerly SOMH! Save Our Mental Health) as a new Social Enterprise, with the aim of providing 'wellness on wheels' rural mobile outreach mental health/wellbeing services, initially focusing on North Dorset, to raise awareness, breakdown the stigma & provide info/signposting.

The long term plan of RMHM is to provide mobile outreach vehicles pan Dorset & aim to fully roll out this vital, much needed service nationwide, because this is very much a national issue facing rural/remote communities.

Julian Prichard

Chair of Friends Of Westminster Memorial Hospital (Shaftesbury) and Shaftesbury Town Councillor.

Julian founded and ran the successful ‘Save Our Beds’ Campaign (SoB!) that was instrumental in persuading the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group to retain the beds at the Westminster Memorial Hospital (WMH). He is also chairman of the League of Friends of WMH and sits on the ‘Shaftesbury, Gillingham, South West Wiltshire & Somerset Community Services Group’ tasked to decide upon a sustainable model for future services at WMH. More information on Julian can be found here.

Barry Von Clemens

Mayor of Gillingham and Gillingham Town Councillor. Councillor Barry Von Clemens will serve as Mayor, for the Council year from 13th May 2019 to 25th May 2020 when a new Mayor will be elected. More information on Barry can be found here.

Peter Jones

Founder and Chair of GCC Growing Compassionate Communities. More information on Peter and Growing Compassion can be found here.

Selina Boyce

Student Support and Engagement at Bournemouth University. Selina provides first line support and contact to Science & Technology University students who have a health & wellbeing issue affecting their ability to successfully complete their studies. Issues include disclosure of sexual assault, suicidal thoughts, self harm, relationship issues, bereavement and financial issues. More information on Selina can be found on her LinkedIn page.