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As well as being a specialist social enterprise covering England and Wales, we are the only organisation that truly represents the rural voice, with a focus on mental and physical health and wellbeing. 

As a social enterprise, we are not funded by any organisation, so we rely on the generosity of people like you to continue developing our rural outreach projects, facilities and services.

Your donations will help us develop and deliver exciting and innovative projects across the country. Projects like mobile outreach! A wellbeing on wheels offering for rural communities in a safe, welcoming space. 

On board, people can access the internet, pick up leaflets on local events, discover support groups and find the help they need. They can also have a friendly cuppa and chat with one of our team. Because so much can be done with a cuppa and a conversation. 

Picture a compassionate, mobile cafe, combined with the Yellow Pages of resources and information on board, travelling to local rural communities near you!

In addition to our mobile outreach vehicles, we aim to provide rural wellbeing community hubs, at visible, accessible locations, in rural towns, to act as a focal information and advice point, as well as being somewhere the vehicle can park safely and securely when not in use.

These types of pioneering and groundbreaking projects, do not come cheap.

Our very first fundraiser is for the UK's first mobile outreach vehicle and a rural community centre in rural north Dorset. Dorset has a 46% rural population, and north Dorset is also where we are based, so it makes sense to launch our first project here.

How will your donations help?

Every time you donate, this will help us to cover the rent at premises for our Rural Wellbeing Community Centre

Your donations will help pay for our treasured and much needed support staff and volunteers. 

Every £1 donated will help us reach our target of £250,000, to launch the UK's first wellbeing on wheels, and Rural Wellbeing Community Centre!

 If every person, living in rural England and Wales donated just £1, we would have over £11 million pounds, enabling us to develop        and deliver rural outreach support, nationwide!

 Donations can be made as a one off, or on a regular monthly basis.