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Rural Mental Health Matters, have partnered with Chasing The Stigma, and are pleased to offer access to their Hub of Hope.

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What is the Hub of Hope?

The Hub of Hope is the UK’s leading mental health support database. It is provided by national mental health charity, Chasing the Stigma, and brings local, national, peer, community, charity, private and NHS mental health support and services together in one place for the first time.

To date, the Hub of Hope has directed hundreds of thousands of people to life-changing and even life-saving support and it is now the UK’s go-to mental health support signposting tool, with thousands of local, regional and national support groups and services listed.

The services and support listed on the Hub of Hope are not only for when things become unbearable – a crisis point. They are also for those times when we notice we are starting to struggle, or when we need extra support as we start to emerge from a particularly difficult time.

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Papyrus – Nationwide Young Suicide Prevention

PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide is the UK charity dedicated to the prevention of suicide and the promotion of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in young people. PAPYRUS exists to reduce the number of young people who take their own lives, by shattering the stigma surrounding suicide and equipping young people and their communities with the skills to recognise and respond to emotional distress.

We do this in five ways: supporting those who are experiencing thoughts of suicide, equipping communities through suicide prevention training and awareness raising, influencing government policy on a local and national scale, enabling staff and volunteers so that they can be effective and productive, and sustaining continuity and future growth within the charity.

At HOPELINE247 – PAPYRUS’s dedicated suicide prevention helpline – our trained advisers work on a safety plan with young people aged 35 and under who are experiencing thoughts of suicide, to help keep them safe for now. To call HOPELINE247 ring 0800 068 4141; text 07860 039967; or email
More information about PAPYRUS’s services


Alice Hendy lost her only sibling, her brother Josh, on 25th November 2020 to suicide at 21 years old.

Josh had been researching techniques to take his own life via harmful internet searches. To ensure more help and support is given to individuals searching for harmful content online, Alice set up R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity.

R;pple is a digital tool, which if a user searches for harmful content online, they will first be guided through a filter of breathing exercises and then very simple, uncluttered and calmly presented strategies and forums, help lines and mental health services they can access both now and longer term: accompanied with messages of hope and encouragement to keep safe.

It’s a free tool for the education sector and parents.

If a user searches for harmful content online, they will be:

- Presented with reassuring messages
- Provided with guided breathing exercises
- Given immediate access to help lines and mental health services to use now and in the longer term

The Impact

- Downloads - To date, R;pple has been downloaded over 1.2 million times
- Businesses who have already installed R;pple include KMPG, PwC, West Ham United FC, RPC Law, QBE Insurance, Manchester Airport and Save the Children.
- Universities who have already installed R;pple for free include University of Wolverhampton, Portsmouth, Reading, De Montford, Greenwich, Exeter, Keele, Northampton and many more.
- Interceptions - R;pple has intercepted over 13,500 genuine harmful online searches.
- Lives Saved - Although we do not collect any personally identifiable information, 26 individuals have approached us to inform us that R;pple has saved their life.
- R;pple has won 26 awards in the mental health and innovation space.

How to download R;pple

- Individuals, Parents and Guardians -  download R;pple at home, for free, here
- Schools, College, Universities - liaise with your Wellbeing and IT teams and inform them that  R;pple is a browser extension that can be deployed free, en masse (FAQs)
- Businesses and Corporates - liaise with your Wellbeing and IT teams and inform them that R;pple is a browser extension that can be deployed en masse for a subscription fee (FAQs)

The Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) 

The Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) aims to empower, educate, and equip individuals and organisations to support suicide awareness and prevention. ZSA offer free online suicide awareness and prevention training and resources. 

In 2017, ZSA launched their 20-minute suicide awareness training. Since then, they have worked with different organisations and groups to develop other editions of the training which include data and scenarios that more targeted to specific audiences.

Their aim is to keep this training free and easy for anyone to do so that more people feel confidence and able to talk to someone who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts. RMHM and ZSA believe this can help save lives.  

Rural Mental Health Matters are proud members of ZSA.

Click here to access the free training and resources.