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Our Mission & Aims

Rural Mental Health Matters Mission and Aims

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Our mission is to ensure that access to mental and physical health support is visible, inclusive, and more equitable for all individuals. We strive to break down barriers and create a world where everyone has equal opportunities to prioritise their wellbeing and receive the support they need.

Our unique and proactive "whole self" wellbeing approach, advocates for early intervention to be given the same priority as crisis intervention, and for mental health and physical health to be given parity of esteem. Parity of esteem describes the need to value mental health equally to physical health. 


1. Accessibility: We aim to remove barriers that hinder access to mental and physical health support. We will work to ensure support services are equitable, affordable, and geographically accessible, to reach underserved communities.  We will do this by promoting policies that prioritise inclusion and eliminate discrimination.

2. Visibility: We aim to increase the visibility of mental and physical health by promoting awareness and education. We will collaborate with organisations, healthcare providers, and communities, raising awareness of how they can proactively ensure their available resources are more visible, help them debunk stigmas, and encourage open conversations around mental and physical wellbeing.

3. Inclusivity: We encourage organisations and businesses to provide inclusive spaces and services that embrace diversity and cater to the unique needs of all individuals. We will advocate for culturally competent and sensitive care, ensuring people from marginalised groups feel safe, respected, and understood in their pursuit of mental and physical health support.

4. Equity: We aim to address systemic inequities that contribute to disparities in accessing health support. We work towards the equitable distribution of resources – addressing socioeconomic and geographical disparities – and advocate for policies that prioritise historically marginalised populations.

5. Collaboration: We foster collaboration among stakeholders, including healthcare providers, policymakers, advocacy groups, and individuals with lived experiences. We leverage collective knowledge, expertise, and resources to drive meaningful change and ensure the continuous improvement of mental and physical health support systems.

Through our mission and aims, we are committed to building a future where everyone, regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances, can easily access and benefit from comprehensive mental and physical health support.