Volunteer with Rural Mental Health Matters & Help Us Help Others

Are you handy with a laptop, a project management whiz, or just love to host a good charity coffee morning?

We’re looking for several volunteers who can spare some time on a long-term, regular basis to help us keep RMHM (and our outreach program, Socially Connecting Shaftesbury) running smoothly.

Your help will ensure that we continue to grow and that we’ll always be able to offer mental health support and training to those who need it.

If you’d like to pitch in and join us as a volunteer, scroll down to see our available positions.

Our Roles

Event Assistant (Volunteer)

Do you have a strong back and an equally strong belief that your community's mental health and wellbeing are everyone’s business?

We need a kind soul to support us as a volunteer assistant at our monthly outreach project, Socially Connecting Shaftesbury.

The project takes place on the last Wednesday of every month, between 12 noon and 6 pm, and you’ll be supporting our CEO, Melanie, before and after each meet-up. Usually, your role will involve unloading and reloading the car that we use on the day, setting up the space we use before people arrive, plus any other related tasks.

We’ll usually only take up two hours of your time per month, between 11am and midday (to help Melanie set everything up) and between 5pm and 6pm, when you’ll help to pack everything up and take it all back to storage.

If you can support us with these tasks at the next Socially Connecting Shaftesbury meeting, we’d love to have you!

Send us an email, or pop in to see us at the project for more information.

Volunteer Meet & Greet Champs

If you love to meet new people, want to help a good cause, and make a cracking cup of tea or coffee, we’d love to have you at our next Socially Connecting Shaftesbury meet-up!

We’re looking for several fantastic people who are free on the last Wednesday of every month, between midday and 6 pm. Your role will be to greet people who drop in, and to make sure they’ve got a good cup of tea or coffee during their visit.

If you’d like to be a friendly face for our visitors (and get to meet new people in your community) send us an email here. Alternatively, pop along to see us at the project to find out more information and to see how we operate.

Volunteer Fundraisers

From coffee mornings and sponsored runs, to organising charity skydives and whip-arounds from local business owners, we’re looking for volunteers who’d love to help us raise the money we need to continue supporting others with our outreach project.

All you need is an idea for a fun way to help us raise funds, plus a desire to spread the word about how we work hard to support vulnerable people with their mental health needs.

Any amount that you can raise will support our overall work, plus our outreach project,Socially Connecting Shaftesbury, and will help us to continue fighting the inequality that exists between rural and urban mental health services.

If you’re ready to help us help others,send us an email, or pop in to see us at the project to chat about how you’d like to help with fundraising.

Project Coordinator (Volunteer)

Can you spare around 10 hours a month to help our current mental health outreach project run smoothly?

We’re looking for an organised, friendly individual who’s passionate about mental health and wellness and who wants to help ensure that people living in (or near) Shaftesbury are never prevented from getting the mental health support they need.

Currently, we run one outreach project, Socially Connecting Shaftesbury, and need an organisational expert (like you!) to help with sending invites, reminders, and welcome emails to our outreach project attendees. We also need help with answering general queries, sending and chasing invoices, and with sourcing and designing promotional materials.

If you think you’re up for the challenge, send us an email, or pop in to see us at the project to have an informal chat.

Volunteer Accountant

Rural Mental Health Matters is still a fairly small organisation, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to stay on top of our accounts and taxes!

If you’re a fully qualified accountant, can spare one to two hours per week, and believe that access to appropriate mental health resources matters, we’d love to hear from you.

Your support will allow us to keep everything together and enable us to focus on doing what we do best: providing vital mental health outreach services in rural areas.

If you’re confident with using various accounting programs and can help us on a long-term basis, send us an email to volunteer your support.

Bookkeeper (Volunteer)

If you’ve got equal amounts of passion for mental health and wellness and keeping detailed records, you might be a good fit for our voluntary Bookkeeper role!

We need someone who can spare around an hour per week, and who’ll help us keep on top of everything, from recording financial transactions to maintaining and balancing our ledgers and accounts.

If you have demonstrable experience with bookkeeping and think you’d be a good fit, please send us an email to discuss the role.

Volunteer Grant/Bid Writer

Do you have previous experience with bid writing and a passion for mental health and wellness?

We’re on the lookout for an experienced, reliable writer who can support our work by researching trusts and writing applications to various grant-making trusts and foundations. You’ll be able to work from the comfort of your own home on a flexible basis, and the only things you’ll need are know-how, an internet connection, and a laptop.

If you're a self-motivated team player, experienced when it comes to grant/bid writing, and have excellent written and verbal communication skills, we’d love to work with you!

Please send us an email (or pop in to see us at our outreach project location) to discuss the role further.

Volunteer Researchers

We’re looking for multiple people who love to research information and compile data, especially when it comes to the effects of poor mental health, workplace toxicity, and the accessibility of mental health services in rural areas.

So, if a role that involves internet sleuthing and data collection sounds heavenly to you, we need your help!

In addition to researching statistics and facts, we’ll need you to help Melanie connect with business owners who want to improve their staff’s mental health and wellbeing, and who'd be interested in the consultation services that Melanie can offer them.

As one of our researchers, you’ll also need to feel confident about researching and contacting VCSE organisations. The VCSE organisations you’ll contact will be those that are focused on delivering top-notch mental health and wellbeing support, but that have struggled to reach rural communities.

If you can spare around an hour each week to help us with our research, we’d love to hear from you, so please send us an email to discuss the role.

Virtual Assistants (Volunteers)

Do you believe that where people live and work should never prevent them from accessing appropriate mental health support?

Do you have previous experience as a virtual assistant and want to lend us a hand?

If you can spare two or more hours per week (on a long-term, regular basis) and help us with the various tasks that make up the online side of RMHM, we’d love to hear from you!

To apply for the role, or for more information, send us an email. Alternatively, pop in to visit us at the project.

Other Volunteering Roles

The roles listed above cover the areas we need help with at the moment, but we always love to hear from people who want to support our work!

If you’re passionate about making sure that vulnerable people always have access to the mental health support they need, but can’t see a role on this page that fits, send us an email.

One of our lovely team will get back to you within one to two business days.

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to get involved please contact me via email or Twitter:


Email: RMHM_RuralMentalHealthMatters@outlook.com
Twitter: @RuralMHMatters

The copy on this page was written on behalf of Rural Mental Health Matters by Hayley Jeffery, an independent copywriter.