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Welcome to PIES, a Rural Mental Health Matters Consultancy, home to unique and proactive workplace wellbeing, accessibility, and inclusion consultancy services.

Proactive Inclusive Equitable Solutions

At PIES Consultancy, we believe that a thriving workplace is built on the foundation of employee wellbeing, accessibility, and inclusivity. 

We are a team of dedicated professionals who work with businesses and organisations to create positive and transformative changes that enhance both the workplace environment and the lives of employees.

Our Whole-Self Approach

  • Comprehensive Wellbeing Solutions: We take a holistic approach to wellbeing, understanding that mental, physical, and emotional health are interconnected. By addressing the whole self, we empower employees to bring their best selves to work, driving productivity and loyalty.
  • Inclusive Environment: A truly inclusive workplace is one that caters to the needs of all employees. We collaborate with businesses to design and implement facilities and support systems that foster an accessible and inclusive environment for everyone.
  • Employee Engagement and Loyalty: Engaged employees are the heart of a successful organisation. Through our innovative strategies, we help businesses increase employee engagement, leading to improved loyalty and reduced turnover rates.
  • Fostering Creativity and Innovation: We understand that diverse perspectives breed creativity and innovation. By embracing inclusivity, companies unlock the full potential of their workforce, driving creative solutions and propelling growth.
  • Boosting Productivity and Profits: Workplace wellbeing and inclusivity are not just nice-to-haves; they are essential for maximising productivity. Happier and healthier employees translate into increased efficiency and, ultimately, improved profits.

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PIES Services:

Workplace Wellbeing Assessment
We conduct comprehensive assessments to identify areas for improvement and tailor wellbeing programs that suit your organisation's specific needs.

Accessibility and Inclusion Audit
Our experts conduct thorough audits to evaluate your workplace's accessibility, proposing practical solutions to ensure inclusivity for all employees.

Employee Engagement Strategies
We develop customised engagement strategies to enhance communication, teamwork, and camaraderie within your organisation.

Leadership Training and Coaching
Empower your leadership team with the tools and knowledge to foster a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

Mental Health and Wellness Programs
From stress management workshops to mental health awareness campaigns, we recommend a range of programs to support the mental wellbeing of your employees.

Disability and Inclusivity Workshops
Equip your staff with the awareness and skills needed to create a genuinely inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities.

At PIES Consultancy, we don't just consult; we care.

Our mission is to help organisations build a workplace where everyone feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive. Together, let's create a future of inclusivity, where workplace wellbeing and business success go hand in hand.

Contact us today to start your journey towards a more inclusive and prosperous workplace. Let's build a better future together!

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