Welcome to Rural Mental Health Matters

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Welcome to Rural Mental Health Matters

For too long mental health has been a taboo subject, and many people living in rural areas have lower overall accessibility to key services. It is an 'invisible illness' made more invisible by living in rural/remote areas. The Health Evidence Network (HEN) synthesis report ​on community based mental health states that "mental disorders are responsible for about 12 - 15 % of the world’s total disability – more than cardiovascular diseases, and twice as much as cancer. Their impact on daily life is even more extensive, accounting for more than 30% of all years lived with disability".

The Mental Health Foundation found that nearly two in three of us will experience living with a mental illness during the course of our lives. And one in six of us are managing fluctuating levels of distress each week. It exists in our lives, families, workplaces and communities, impacting everyone. Mental health illness shouldn’t be construed more negatively than any other health condition. We would never call someone “a cancer-ic” or “heart diseased.” People with mental health issues are often unfairly labeled by their medical condition. People are people, not illnesses.   

What can we do to reduce the stigma and inequalities surrounding mental health and wellbeing, that people living in rural/remote communities face? Find out how Rural Mental Health Matters plans to tackle these issues, and read about our Social Enterprise here.​

Melanie Costas 
Founder & CEO of Rural Mental Health Matters