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Workplace Wellbeing

Help your employees find purposeā€”or watch them leave

PIES Consultancy

Over 60% of staff feel unsupported and unhappy at work! Only 21% of UK workers are engaged, as a result. Losing unhappy, skilled workers costs you money, as well as affecting their lives. Let's change that proactively, together.

"When a workplace becomes toxic, its poison spreads beyond itss walls, and into the lives of its workers and their families."  

- Gary Chapman

You are trying your best to improve your organisation.

That's why you're here!

You are seeking support and advice on how you can make sure your staff's wellbeing experiences are:

- Inclusive
- Accessible
- Equitable

You know that it's crucial to proactively include people who have disabilities, which accounts for 1 in 5 people. Chances are, a fifth of your staff and customers have disabilities! 

Plus, 1 in 2 people will get cancer at some point in their lives... See where I'm going with this?

You need to do this proactively and actively promote it because everyone needs to know

Companies that fail to implement equal access to support are knowingly excluding staff and customers.

Got your attention?

Don't worry, you're in the right place.

Contact us today because together, we can make a real difference. 

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