Current Rural Outreach Projects

During the pilot of our lottery funded rural mental health and wellbeing outreach project Socially Connecting Shaftesbury, over 75% of people who responded to our survey (managed by Healthwatch Dorset) either agreed or strongly agreed that they felt there was an inequality in rural vs urban mental health/wellbeing support/services.

Around 15 stakeholders from different organisations, including statutory and VCSE (Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise) sectors in Dorset joined us, of those who did attend the events, we were able to directly refer people to support/services who don’t have a visible presence in rural North Dorset. In fact many members of the public didn’t realise these organisations even existed, despite being ‘pan Dorset’.

Due to such high public demand and need, following on from the pilot, RMHM is continuing to run Socially Connecting Shaftesbury (SCS), once a month. There is potential for you to join us at these events and promote your support/services. For table prices please get in touch.

Access to basic services, not just mental health support/services is a major barrier with limited (and sometimes non existent) public transport in rural and remote communities. Add in the fact that when people don’t see a service, they believe it doesn’t exist, therefore there is this culture of self reliance and stoicism in rural and remote communities. This is leading to many people sadly presenting much further along, many at crisis point, when we have an opportunity to reach them much earlier.

Interested in Rural Mental Health Matters helping your organisation explore options of having a rural outreach ‘wellbeing hub’ in your area? Please get in touch.